Line work and more thoughts

I think I've dug myself up a little since the last post. The hole seems pretty deep still though..
I now have a new idea, sprung from my old concept. The core is the same, but a new way of doing it. I'm going to create a series of bigger self portraits in graphite mixed with ink blots (like my banner). They're going to be naked. More honest. Starting this weekend.

I found this laying around on my hard drive. Totally forgot about my robot city. One day I'll color it digitally. Might be fun. :)


  1. I really like your banner, I'm sure the portraits will be just as amazing. Good luck on your new project.

    1. Thank you very much for commenting! I really appreciate it. :)
      I shot some reference photos yesterday and I feel really confident now. Thanks again!


  2. Snygg, mysig line art! Skulle vilja spela ett pek-och-klick-spel i den miljön! :D

    Ser framemot mer bannerlika grejer!

    1. Haha! Det vore inte så dumt det. Göra snygga bakgrunder till snygga spel. :)
      Har som sagt tagit referensfoton i söndags. På fredag ska jag teckna på stooora papper. Ska bli spännande!