Å-draget 2012

On September 1st, I was setting up shop together with Edge at Å-natta. A reoccurring cultural event celebrating the arrival of fall. It's evolving around the river Gavleån, which gets lit up by massive amounts of huge candles. It was really pretty and the weather was nice!

I was selling some of my own creations, together with products by Green Melon Creations.
Here are some pictures of my table and its contents.

And now for a little DIY-tip!

See the price tags? They're really easy to make!
All you need is:

  • Washi tape
  • Thread 
  • Marker 
  • Scissors 

Cut pieces of thread, about 10 cm long. Knot the ends together to create loops.
Cut pieces of washi tape, 3 cm long. Fold the tape over the middle of the tread loops.
Trim tape if necessary.
Write your price on the tape and wrap the tag around something pretty you made.

I will make a tutorial on the pincushion teacups next.
Have a great weekend!

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