Plush you!

I made this cute little fella a few weeks ago using felt, embroidery floss, polyfill and glue. All hand stitched! The pattern comes from an amazing book called 'Felt Friends from Japan'.

Speaking of Japanese crafts. I'm also very hooked on amigurumi, and have been for the past 4 years.
I've not really shared my crocheted little creatures before, but that's about to change. Here's a jellyfish I made for my friend Lisa. She bought two paintings (depicting jellyfish) by me, so I though why not include something three dimensional and cute too? (I will post pictures of these paintings soon.) 
I used mercerized cotton and some effect yarn I found in a bargain bin at the local yarn store. Love!
No pattern used. All free hand!

That's it for today. Mycket kärlek! <3

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